What Others Are Saying

“The psychology curriculum is very balanced, educational and fun! It did a phenomenal job of educating me on a subject of which I knew nothing. It provided me with a basic knowledge of psychology, while emitting the information that, as a freshman in high school, I didn’t want, or need to learn. It pressed me to work hard and learn a lot in an enjoyable and efficient way. I am so glad that I took this class.”

–Megan, Wayzata Student

“In addition to spot-on content delivery, I was amazed with the study skills acquired under the direction of Ms. Luna.”

~Wendy, Saint Paul Parent

“As a professional educator and tutor for study skills and technology, I am always excited to find teachers who implement learning styles that enhance learning for all students. Laura does a fabulous job of incorporating graphics, audio, video, reading, lecture, and hands-on activities to engage students of varying ages. Students are more successful in acquiring knowledge, processing it into memory, and applying it to tests when using the strategies Laura incorporates.”

~Erika Kluge Frake
Director; Assistive Technology Specialist & Educator
THINK with Success

My daughter loved your class. She felt you did a great job with explanations and telling her what to study. She is really excited about the Science class next semester and is hoping that you will continue to offer classes as this is a great break from her everyday school and yet enough to be a bit of a challenge that she has not yet encountered. As a parent I agree that you are doing a great job. I hope and pray that you will continue to offer classes that are new and different for her to continue with but also will continue with the same ones as I have more kids coming up in ages. Laura I can’t thank you enough and want to encourage you to keep up the great work. You are a wonderful women of God and I am blessed that God put you into our life.”

~Amber, Elk River Parent

“Mrs. Luna was extremely helpful to me as I studied for several CLEPs at once.  Her patience and thoroughness not only was a big help in learning content, but her confidence encouraged me to be confident while studying.  Not to mention that with her help, preparation was actually fun!  I definitely recommend making good use of her services!”

~ Peyton G., Elk River Student

“The Psychology Course offered by Ms. Luna has been a great learning tool for my 14 year old daughter.  She is the psychologist in our home as of now but it is amazing how she relates the things that she has been taught to everyday life in our home.  I praise Ms. Luna for the amazing job she does in teaching my children from a biblical perspective and teaching them so they are earning college credit at such young ages.”

 ~Amber, Elk River Parent