American Government

Description:  This course is not like the typical government class that you might remember!  Students will examine some of our country’s founding documents in a way that makes the legalistic and complex structure of the Constitution understandable and clear.  They will discover the intended purpose of the documents as they were designed by our founding fathers.  We will analyze and interact with the Declaration of Independence, the Articles, and the Amendments.  Students will also be given several opportunities to apply what they are learning with relevant current events projects.  Students will gain a working knowledge of America’s system of government and thus be better equipped to make a difference in the world that they live in.

*The information that is studied in this course will have a direct correlation with US History and enhance a student’s ability to do well on the US History I CLEP exam.  Therefore, students are encouraged to sign up for both American Government and US History I.  However, the American Government CLEP is very challenging for most high school students and so this class is not adequate preparation for students who wish to take the American Government CLEP exam.

All courses are taught from a Christian perspective.  Course instruction and lessons include a combination of lecture, power point presentation, video clips, textbook reading, online videos, interactive and online activities, games, discussion and quizzes to meet the learning styles of a variety of students.

Level:  Grades 7 – 12
Time:  One semester – 60 minute class meeting once a week.  Approximately one hour every day is required for homework.

Required Materials
Supplies:  3-ring (1-1/2″) binder, and paper

Text:  Our Living Constitution Then and Now 2nd Edition by Jerry Aten – Good Apple. ISBN: 0-7682-2456-X.  Student Text (One per student) can be purchased online. Used copies must not have been written in.

Note:  Don’t let the words “Grades 5-8” on the cover fool you. Although the workbook can be done very profitably by children as young as grade 5, the inductive approach to the text of the US Constitution is extremely effective with students through grade 12.