Environmental Science

Description:  The study of environmental science is an engaging and relevant study that is applicable to everyday living.  Students will learn many ecological concepts including ecosystems, global ecology, food chains and webs.  Students will also explore topics like environmental impacts, environmental management & conservation, and political processes & the future.  This course will be textbook based with plenty of opportunity for labs and investigations.  Students will be responsible for weekly reading (approximately 30 pages, though with plenty of charts diagrams and colored photos it is an enjoyable and engaging read), written chapter review, vocabulary and quizzes.

Two benefits of this class include:

  1. Very real-world and hands-on, so excellent science for 7th – 10th grade students.
  2. If your student is not yet ready (or interested in) traditional human biology, this study can be labeled “Environmental Biology” on a high school transcript, offering an alternative way to complete a biology course.

Level:  Grades 7 – 12
Time:  One Semester – 60 minute classes meet once a week. Approximately 1 hour every day is required for homework.

Required Materials
Supplies:  $10 lab fee, 3-ring (1-1/2″) binder, and paper

Text:  Environmental Science by Karen Arms – Holt publishing, copyright 2000, ISBN: 0030520193 (this older edition includes much more of the science behind the subject instead of the politics of the day.)  This textbook edition is very affordable and can be purchased used online.   Addall.com and BookFinder4U.com will show you the best prices available on the internet.

An InstantCert.com subscription will be required the last two months of class.  Please use code 34958 for a $5 discount off your first month.