Description:  Psychology is both an applied and academic social science that studies the human mind and behavior.  Among the topics covered are:  how motivation, emotion and biological factors affect our behavior, scientific methods for gathering and analyzing data, key figures and theories, the process of learning and the applications of learning techniques, and using psychological knowledge to improve the quality of our lives.  Course content will also include mental illness, drugs (those abused and those used for psychotic treatments) and stages of development.

This course is taught from a Christian perspective.  Course instruction and lessons include a combination of lecture, power point presentation, video clips, textbook reading, online videos, interactive and online activities, games, discussion and quizzes.  A rich variety of teaching methods are used to meet the learning styles and needs for the span of grades.

Why do teens find it so interesting?  Because it directly applies to learning more about themselves, their families and their peers.

Is the subject appropriate for this age?  Introduction to Psychology is usually taught to 11th/12th grade and first year college students, not because of the academic level of the material, but because one theory in particular regarding human development is mature in nature and some topics are not appropriate for this age.  However, I truly believe the subject is not only interesting to high school students, but that they should be armed with the TRUTH in this are BEFORE entering college.  I am very sensitive to not presenting information above what this age should be exposed to and have chosen a textbook and lessons that don’t compromise the quality of education students receive but also don’t expose them to needless dribble.  Just like any other academic subject, we evaluate man’s knowledge against God’s Truth, as you do when studying evolution in science or accuracy in revisionist history.

Level:  Grades 9 – 12
Time:  One semester – 60 minute classes meet once a week.  Approximately one hour every day is required for homework.

Required Materials
Text:  Student Text (one per family) can be purchased online. and will show you the best prices available on the internet.  Text:  Understanding Psychology by Richard Kasschau – Glencoe publishing copyright 2003 ISBN: 0078285712

Course Guide: $35.00 plus tax (one per student) must be purchased at the time of registration.  Course Guides will be handed out on the first day of class.  A product description can be found at