Description:  In Sociology we will study how the groups that we belong to can have a profound affect on our individual thoughts, feelings, and actions.  Among the topics covered:

  • How family, religion, and education affect our behavior
  • Scientific methods for gathering and analyzing data
  • Key figures and theories
  • How sociological knowledge is used to improve the quality of our lives
  • Minorities, race, and ethnicity
  • Theories of deviance

This course is taught from a Christian perspective.  Course instruction and lessons include a combination of lectures, power point presentations, video clips, textbook reading, online videos, interactive and online activities, games, discussion and quizzes.  A rich variety of teaching methods are used to meet the learning styles and needs for the span of grades.

Why do teens find it so interesting?  Because it directly applies to learning more about themselves, their families and their peers.

Level:  Grades 9 – 12
Prerequisite: Psychology. Concurrent enrollment available for upper level students.
Time:  One semester – 60 minute classes meet once a week.  Approximately one hour every day is required for homework.

Required Materials
Text:  Student Text (one per family) can be purchased online. and will show you the best prices available on the internet.
Text: Sociology & You by Jon M. Shepard and Robert W. Greene – Glencoe publishing copyright 2008. ISBN: 0078745195