US History I and II

Description:  US History I is designed to provide students with an understanding of American history from the earliest colonies in America through 1877.  US History II will continue with the Civil War reconstruction period to present day.  CLEP prep has been incorporated into every lesson.  Students will utilize critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they participate in interactive discussions and complete assignments establishing real-world connections.  Students will be able to explore the connections between history and geography, economics, government, citizenship, and current events.

Students will gain a greater understanding of US History I when American Government is studied concurrently.  The two subjects are intertwined so closely that students are encouraged to sign up for US History I and American Government.

All courses are taught from a Christian perspective.  Course instruction and lessons include a combination of lecture, power point presentation, video clips, textbook reading, online videos, interactive and online activities, games, discussion and quizzes.  A rich variety of teaching methods are used to meet the learning styles and needs for the span of grades.

Level:  Grades 7 – 12
Time:  US History I – 1st Semester, US History II – 2nd Semester.  60 minute classes meet once a week. Approximately 1 hour every day is required for homework.

Required Materials
Supplies: 3-ring (1-1/2″) binder, 200-300 physical flashcards (white or colored), and lose leaf paper

Texts:  The American Journey by Appleby, Brinkley, McPherson – Glencoe publishing, copyright 1999/2000, ISBN: 0028216857. (This edition includes many more of the of the historical facts than the revisionist history that is found in more current editions.) This textbook edition covers both US History I and US History II.  It is very affordable and can be purchased used online. and will show you the best prices available on the internet.

Maps of America the Beautiful by Bethany Poore, Notgrass company, copyright 2011, ISBN: 978-1-60999-013-8.  Can be purchased at