World Religions

Description:  Students encounter the teachings of various religions everyday.  Just turn on the TV, watch a movie, or take a tour of your local college campus.  This class will better equip your student to understand what they are seeing and hearing.  Earn college credit by passing the World Religions DSST exam.  Taking this class will also prepare students to include other DSST and CLEP exams in their high school studies.

Field trips in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area are arranged to take place outside of classroom sessions. Students are encouraged to attend and their parents are invited as well. Locations may include:

  • Hindu Temple
  • St. Paul Cathedral
  • Jewish Synagogue

Level:  Grades 7 – 12
Time:  One semester – 60 minute classes meet once per week. Approximately one hour every day is required for homework.

Text:  The Kingfisher Book of Religions ISBN: 0753451999 (one per family) can be purchased used online. and will show you the best prices available on the internet.

Course Guide: $35.00 plus tax (one per student) must be purchased at the time of registration.  Course Guides will be handed out on the first day of class.  A product description can be found at