CLEP Services

Paying for College Going does

NOT have to be a Financial Crisis

for Your Family!

Paying for college is EXPENSIVE, especially if you have multiple children who will be in college at the same time. As a parent, a PLAN is NECESSARY. Experts are touting it as the next financial crisis as student loan debt now surpasses credit card debt. College costs are steadily increasing every year and currently 26 million Americans have federal student loan debt totaling $864 billion. These loans have increased 143% in the past two years, with one in three delinquent in repayment, and half of graduated students unemployed or under-employed. What is a family to do?

There is a way to avoid the realities of astronomical college costs and debt…and the homeschool classes to help you get there are offered by Luna Educational Services!

Even before the traditional Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) that currently is offered in the state of Minnesota, students of all ages can take advantage of other pre-college testing options. The College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP®) developed by the College Board® (proponents of the AP® and SAT®), has been the most widely accepted credit-by-exam program for over four decades. The DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) program is also widely recognized for upper level college courses. These programs allow average students as young as 7th grade who are sufficiently motivated and mature to start earning college credits at a FRACTION of the cost of college. Students can finish general education requirements before the state-sponsored PSEO program even begins, allowing them to make the most of the PSEO option itself. This allows students to prepare for their God-given roles in life, the freedom for a gap year, the option of starting a Masters program early, or even the opportunity to finish college by the end of high school!

Classes offered by Luna Educational Services are for secondary students, grades 7-12, to prepare them to take CLEP/DSST exams. Exam scheduling, requirements, test-taking skills, study tools, practice tests, and more are all covered. These classes provide a framework of study methods and resources that will be transferable to exam preparation for future CLEP/DSST exams. Participating in these classes is no guarantee of passing these exams but will depend on the student’s motivation, maturity and commitment. Parents will need to be prepared to come along side their student to provide encouragement and accountability. For those who would appreciate more guidance navigating this process, consultants are available to discuss plans with individual families as well.

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