CLEP Tutoring

Is your student studying Biology, Chemistry, US History, Literature, World History, Psychology, American Government . . . ?

CLEP Tutoring is now available for students in public, private, charter, or homeschool. Any subject that has a corresponding test is available for tutoring. Students who are currently studying or have recently completed a course can now add a CLEP or DSST exam to earn college credit. Don’t wait! Students in middle and high school are earning college credit for their studies. Read more about CLEP and DSST. Laura Luna is an experienced CLEP tutor that can help students navigate the credit-by-exam process.

One-on-one instruction and Study Groups for more than 4 students are available. Tutoring is provided in person or remotely via Email and/or Skype. Online activities, quizzes, videos, and practice tests will be incorporated to help students prepare. Students are provided with weekly assignments that include detailed instructions, checklists, encouragement, and accountability so that they know exactly what to study in order to be successful on a CLEP or DSST exam.

Level:  Grades 7 – 12
Time:  6 weeks
Tutoring Fee:  $79

Additional Test Prep Materials (study guides, practice exams) ranging from $20-$40 may be suggested after your student’s initial evaluation is complete.

NEXT STEP  Contact me when your student is finishing his course, or even before he begins! I can suggest complimentary materials that will make the end-of-the-course study quicker and easier.